Community Events (New Britannia Time)

Times are in US/Central (Austin, TX) Time.
See Also: PST / CST / EST / GMT / CET (+1) / CEST (+2)

Easily filter which calendar you do and don’t want to see with the btn_menu6 button to the right of “Agenda”

Event Key:

  • <SOC> – Social event that is casual or non roleplay environment
  • <RP> – Role played player gathering
  • <PVE> – Questing, Adventuring, Exploring, Etc.
  • <PVP> – Player vs player gatherings
  • <CSE> – Competitive Social Event (like mazes, gustball, etc) that do not involve killing players
  • <Port> – Official Portalarium events or dates to remember.

Color Key:

  • Blue – Player driven events
  • Green – Media driven events
  • Red – Portalarium driven events

To include this on your site please include the following php file:

Example Code

109 Responses to Community Events (New Britannia Time)

  1. veylen

    looking forward to the chaos sermons!!

  2. DavenRock

    Hey guys, I need you to add MGT into the agenda on the plugin pretty plz

  3. Duke Violation

    If anyone is looking for access to this calendar please feel free to let us know by commenting here. We have added two new calendars in the last month!


  4. Lazarus

    Greetings Duke,

    I would like to add your calender to several web sites I have for SOTA.
    Drop me a line at your earliest convenience.



    NBNN News

  5. nbnnnews

    Yep already done…. found out how a few days ago.

    Would you add the NBNN calendar to your list as well? It would be appreciated.

    Also when you have a few minutes I’d like to sit and chat a bit about the community Calendar among other things.



  6. lollie

    Can someone add in the “R17-R18 Deco Contest – Pub Crawl” – into the calendar? It’s going to run from R17 release to end of R18 (two months), and needs to be listed in this calendar so it goes into the ingame events book.


  7. Duke Violation

    I just created an export script for the calendar feed, please utilize the link to the example code to see how to include it on your site.

  8. Luka Melehan

    Is there a way I can add events without pestering Kazyn?

    • Duke Violation

      Kazyn would be the guy to talk to about Port Phoenix calendar. Which calendar or what events are you trying to post?

  9. Luka Melehan

    I will need to change the time and date of the RP classes.

  10. yipp

    Yes please I would like access to the calendar to post about an upcoming event at Bastion’s Point!

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